Through Time and Kindness I provide consultancy and support to develop provision for children and young people with Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs. This work includes:

  • INSET/CPD (large or small) for Schools, Organisations and Agencies (visit my Training Packages page for further details)
  • Direct, long term support for Schools and organisations e.g. Support for Senior Leadership Teams, Staff groups, Class Teachers, Parent/Carers, and Key Adults to improve understanding and share approaches which meet the social, emotional and mental health needs of children and young people.
  • Supervision sessions: an attentive, contained and reflective space for individual staff to enable them to develop and enhance their skills as well as regain the emotional balance required to work effectively.
  • Advice and support for individual children and young people through discussion, observation, and direct sessions. I hold a current Thrive Practitioners license, and can offer Thrive assessments and individual sessions for primary age children.
  • Joint working with professional colleagues within Education, Health, Social Care, and Charities or Voluntary Organisations in order to develop provision and approaches which hold at the heart of this process the child or young person’s best interests.

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