Thank you so much Nina.  You’re support has been invaluable.

A Deputy Head Teacher (July 2019)

Thank you for all your help and support this year.  It’s great to have you alongside us as a setting – have a great summer and see you in September

A Head Teacher (July 2019)

Thank you for today.  It was really good to have you in school with us.  Such valuable conversations took place.

A Head Teacher October 2018

Nina, Thanks so much for your input. I’ve asked in every school and there was a very positive response, they all found it really helpful,  and it has given them some food for thought, which was just what I wanted. You pitched it just right for them, and what was great was that the dinner ladies were just as inspired as the ELSAs and the teachers, so that speaks volumes for your skill!

A SENCo February 2018

Thank you for your support over the year.  It has been invaluable.

A Head Teacher July 2017

For me you are a guide who is helping our school to do something different. You provide us with openness, objectivity and observation at a SLT, teacher, parent and child level. You have been instrumental in changing the way I think about people and approach them.

A Head Teacher, December 2016

Having worked with Nina for many years firstly in her role with Behaviour Support in Somerset and now in her independent post I feel very confident to fully endorse her work. She provides valuable insights and advice for us as professionals when working with some very complex and challenging children and families. She has also supported my staff individually and collectively in understanding and planning to meet the needs of  the children that they support and teach.

Her recent INSETs on Mindfulness and Emotion Coaching were very highly rated and appreciated by staff from all sectors of school – and all delivered with knowledge, empathy and a cheeky grin!

A Head Teacher, November 2016

Time and Kindness’ is an essential resource for all schools and settings where children and young people are cared for and nurtured. The impact of the support and advice from Nina Britneff is significant for all groups she works with. Nina skilfully engages staff, parents and carers so that they are able to reflect upon their own practice and realign their approach when supporting the children they are ‘alongside’ on a daily basis. Her extensive research, knowledge and qualifications provide everyone with a broad and well tested base from which to develop their own thinking and approach for the context in which they work.

Nina cares passionately about the young people she affects, and is also highly skilled in supporting staff and parents with their approaches with children. Nina works with children on an individual basis as well as with groups, modelling techniques for staff and parents to then apply themselves with the children. Staff also have the opportunity to discuss their observations, concerns and successes, guided by Nina’s expertise as she challenges and affirms their approaches.

Our school is a different place since working with Nina. It has been an interesting journey which has had a significant impact on specific children and families in the school. Nina’s work has also given staff a broader base from which to take learning to a different level. Their knowledge and understanding of Social and Emotional Mental Health has been challenged and supported in equal measures and the result of this is a school where every aspect of a child’s development is developed in a tailored, caring manner.

A Head Teacher, September 2016

Thank you so very much for all of your help, support and guidance this year. I am so grateful to you always listening and coming up with positive solutions.

A Primary SENCO, July 2016

Comments from training delivered this academic year, 2018-9

Thank you for your training day today with us.  For me it was insightful and the start of a new learning process.  Thank you it was a joy and great to meet you.

I have attended a course with you previously and really enjoy listening to you.   Thank you for another great day of learning!

A brilliant day today.  I found your input very thought provoking and inspiring, thank you.

Nina’s approach – easy to listen to and understand

Wish I’d had this training ages ago – learnt so much today and feel inspired to read/find out more, thank you.

The training was very informative and well delivered and explained

Thank you Nina – one of the best after school sessions I’ve attended.  

Really interesting – looking forward to part 2 next week!

Comments from training evaluations delivered during 2017-8

So interesting to understand attachment in more detail.  Thank you for such an informative session.

Thank you Nina.

Really enjoyed your training – even after a long day in the classroom I found your session really informative and easy to listen to.

Thank you – great resources and signposting to different authors.

Really interesting and engaging.  I’m hoping we can book you for some whole school training.

Comments from training evaluations delivered during 2016-7

I found it fascinating!  So interesting to have an insight into young minds as well as our own.  Has made me think a lot and am looking forward to reading some of the books you mentioned.

My workshop was brilliant in all aspects: content, pace and Nina’s subject knowledge

Informative and factual.  Excellent reading list

Really interesting and thought provoking session.   My head and heart feels fired up!

Amazing and insightful.  Thank you

I really enjoyed today.  It was good to spend time really getting underneath what’s going on for many young people and also explore how we can help.  Thank you

Really helpful information on attachment and how to support children’s SEMH needs.  I’m going to research this further, thank you Nina.

Good balance of talk and discussion.

Clear delivery and good pace.   A great session.  Thank you.

Lots of good information and really good explanations.

Subject knowledge was explained in an easy to understand language.  Thank you for today.

The ability to fit a fascinating and extremely important subject into one day, no mean feat!  Pitched perfectly

Really relaxed atmosphere to share and discuss.  Thank you Nina

Really informative.

Comments from training evaluations delivered during 2015-6

Brilliant and very informative.

Delivered in a light hearted manner. Nina shared a wealth of knowledge and experience to help identify SEMH and strategies to put into place.

Very good. I feel I have a much better understanding of social and emotional health.

So thought provoking – fantastic.

Excellent humorous delivery.

I’m going to talk to school about booking for some inset!

A superb opportunity to explore SEMH further and really found it very interesting.

Brilliant – extremely useful.

Excellent info – excellent delivery. Very useful and a lot of thinking to now do.

Very good. I feel I have a much better understanding of social and emotional health.

Really enjoyed this session and have a better understanding on how to work with 1:1 children. Thank you.

Thanks for all your help and a wonderful and thought provoking course.